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Internet has become a craze among people of all age groups and this is the reason that business owners and professionals are now coming up with innovative websites. The better functionality and easy user interface are some of the important aspects of a website. But these aspects can only be understood by an expert web designer. Web designing is a technical field that must be mastered, if you desire to make a handsome livelihood. First let’s understand what web designing is.
Web designing is a skill of creating and aesthetically designing graphics and other interfaces on a webpage. This include web graphic design, search engine optimization, interface design, user experience design and authoring. One of the important feature of web designing is search engine optimization. The key elements of web designing are as follows:

  • Layout: This helps in arranging graphics, text and ads, which improves the consistency, stability and integrity of the design.
  • Colour: The choice of the colour mainly depends on the clientele and the purpose of web designing. 
  • Graphics: It includes photos, clipart, logos, icons, which help in enhancing the design of a website.
  • Fonts: Web-safe fonts are generally used to enhance the web design.
  • Content:  This feature enhances the message of the site. The content should be search engine optimized.

For creating user friendly web designs following factors should be taken into consideration:

  • Multimedia
  • Navigation
  • Compatibility

Advancement in technology provide designers the way to add innovative and dynamic web designs. Besides this, it helps in increasing user participation and create best user interface system.

IT&DC is among the top web designing institutes in Delhi that offer all-inclusive web designing courses including learning of Photoshop, Dreamweaver, HTML 5 and many more latest technologies. These technologies help in managing the interface of the webpage and allows the user to read the content in an easy way.
A trained web designer can be a great asset for any businesss.

Course Detail

Fee : 15000Rs.

Duration : 3 Month

Understanding computer graphic
Photoshop tools,colors
Work on Layer
Menu Bar tools
Design Banner,
Design Website Theme

Elements and attributes
Paragraphs, Styles and Formatting
Color, Link and Images
Tables and Lists
Responsive Layout

Navigation bar
Image gallery
Rounded corners
Text, Fonts

Common toolbar
Forms toolbar
Text toolbar
Properties bar

Download JQuery
Syntax of JQuery
Selectors and Events
Effects like fade,slide etc.
JQuery with CSS
JQuery Example

Download bootstap
Bootstrap history
Structure of Bootstrap
Bootstrap table,button,image etc.

Live project
Slicing of template
Work on client project
File upload

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