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Static website


The Simple And Cost Effective Static Website

This is the most simple and cost effective of all types of web sites that are available on the internet. Most of the startup sites are first launched as static sites. This type of website is generally used by small companies who have just entered the business or those individuals who are trying to promote their business by using the internet. The Static Websitecontains just the basic information regarding the products or services of the company. If the business is not doing that well, then this type of web site is quite helpful in promoting their business in the internet.

How does static web site work?

The creation of a static website is quite easy. It is done as follows:

  • The material to be written for the web site can be written using any processor.
  • It can be uploaded to the site as a .html or a .htm Page.
  • These sites being simple can be easily linked together.
  • Many templates are available on the net for the creation of Static Website. This helps in quickly uploading the site online.
  • The contents of the web page are arranged in either tables or in CSS style.

Advantages of Static Website:

  • Simple and cheap than other types of websites.
  • Can be uploaded quickly, even in lower bandwidths.
  • Preview can be done before uploading the web page.
  • Useful for web pages that do not need frequent updates or changes.
  • Benefits of Static website
  • Perfect Design Interface
  • Fast Downloading
  • Overall Consistent Designs
  • SEO Friendly Navigation

The static websites are just like brochures handed to people for promotion of new or unknown companies. Examples of static website are classic sites, 5- page sites, or brochure website. 

1-5 Pages
2 Demo Template
Domain & Hosting Required
Content & Logo Required
Email Support

1-15 Pages
3 Demo Template
Domain & Hosting Provided
Content & Logo Required
Email Support

1-30 Pages
3 Demo Template
Domain & Hosting Provided
Content & Logo Required
Email/Phone Support

Note : 1 Year Free Maintenance provided

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