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SEO Process


SEO or search engine optimization adopts the methodology of strategies,tactics, and efficient techniques, helps in increasing the number of visitor to the website. It works to obtain a high-ranking in the search result of the query.
Following are the Search Engine Optimization techniques that we adopt to make the SEO processes effective:

  • Research: -

Research is a careful study that finds and report new knowledge about something.Keyword research determines the used phrase that contains targeted keywords(s) is quite easy.
Competitive research is the competitive analysis of the subject site. Research helps to attain full knowledge and plan effective strategies for search engine optimization.

  • Reporting and setting up goals

After establishing the targeted keyword, one focus is to set the goals and implement ideas and techniques. The realistic goals of the optimization are:-

  • Increasing traffic from the organic search
  • Tripling number of highly converting unbranded keywords.
  • Content Building

Content Building is the vital process in search optimization which produces high-quality content to site user which gains user attention. It also provides the benefit of serving the exact content and more informative about the services or products.

  • Page Optimization

It refers to the factors that affect the website or web pages listed in the search result. It helps to make the effective use of the displayed page.

  • Social Media & Link Building

This process helps in fetching external pages to link to the desired page onthe website. Social media helps to createthe connection with potential customers, and providing tremendous opportunities.

  • Follow-up Reporting and Analysis

This includes create a report of the traffic generated after the successful SEO process. The report identifies the improvement in the traffic coming to the website post search engine optimization. The complete analysis of the report is performed and discrepancies are eliminated with more effective SEO.

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