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SEO Portfolio


Our company Portfolio has some of the achievements in the area of search engine optimization and web marketing. By utilizing the knowledge of our experts of our website marketing professionals, we have got success in achieving the targeted audiences towards our page. Additionally, we have achieved the place in Google search result at the top position. These all can be possible by using the catchy titles or keywords in various contents.
In our company portfolio section, we facilitate our clients to check their ranking position and achievements brought by the SEO. With the SEO optimization, we will surely help our client to form a fair concept concerning the quality of our services and our work dedication towards the clients’ success. Steps for making SEO portfolio
Following is included in our SEO portfolio section:

  • Included the company details on the top of the portfolio including e-mail address, and website.
  • Also, included the type of SEO services we provided: on-page or off-page.
  • Mentioning the list of clients
  • Created the header label
  • The number of websites appears on the search engine result through keywords
  • Mentioning the rank in Google search
  • The search result included the website address of the particular web page
  • Last but not the least included the Screenshots to prove the ranking

The SEO portfolio section is a testimonial of our work done for various clients.


Keyword Rank Search Engine
Film Institute Delhi 3 google.co.in
Best Acting Institute in Delhi 6 google.co.in
Modelling institute in delhi 5 google.co.in
Drama schools in delhi 9 google.co.in
Acting classes in gurgaon 4 google.co.in
Dancing schools in delhi 5 google.co.in


Keyword Rank Search Engine
RA Gold Q10 Capsules 3 google.co.in
Indigo SP Tablets 5 google.co.in
Corsa DSR Capsule 4 google.co.in
RA Gold Q10 Capsule Medical Store 4 google.co.in
Indigo SP Tablets Medical Store 4 google.co.in
Corsa DSR Capsule Medical Store 4 google.co.in


Keyword Rank Search Engine
Post Free ad 2 google.co.in
Classified in delhi 12 google.co.in
post free classified ads in india 5 google.co.in

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