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PPC Management


Pay per click is a model of internet marketing.PPC services in Delhi by IT &DC are increasingly competitive, where advertiser pays a fee each time when the ads clicked. The PPC service that we offers has several stages which are as follow:-

  • Research category: - Research would help to acquire the knowledge and plan efficiently by knowing their customers, competitors and keywords. It deals with website analysis that gathers a general view about the information.
  • Planning and structuring campaigns:- It includes the several factor that would be vital components of planning stage of pay per click management 
  • The Search Marketing mix
  • Budgets
  • Campaigns
  • Ad groups
  • Keywords
  • Match types
  • Landing pages
  • Writing Advertising Copy: - Advertising copy seems to be promotional that influence the customer which helps in matching copy to keywords. It is crucial for click thru rate. It minimizes the keyword insertion
  • Organizing Bid: -It helps in understanding the value of clicks and value of the conversion. The quality score key, and set up a keyword match hierarchy. The bids reduced/, if conversion cost is unprofitable. 
  • Select and build Landing pages: - It helps to send the click traffic to the appropriate pages by keeping the landing page simple. It will eliminate distraction, the goals are :-
  • E-commerce sales
  • Lead generation

Our PPC services are extremely well aligned to the need of your internet marketing. We allow your website to have maximum ads on your website so that you can earn good profit with PPC tool and techniques. Moreover, our charges are highly affordable that you won’t have to shell down more money for PPC.
The advantage of availing PPC from us is the expertise of our internet marketing staff. Our team includes trained and experienced digital marketing professionals who understands the need of the hour.

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