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PPC Training

PPC or Pay Per Click is a method of internet advertising where the publisher (website owner) is paid by the advertiser for every click on the ad. Basically, the website owners place the popular ads on their websites to attract users to their website and advertiser gets the benefit. This is a two-way beneficial method. However, proper training is quite necessary in PPC.
Almost all website owners hire PPC experts for their website and pay handsome money. Therefore, PPC is becoming one of the hottest field of study for internet marketers.
If you are searching for a relevant institute in Delhi which provides best of PPC training, IT & DC is one of the well-known institutes in Delhi NCR, which provide PPC Training to you at affordable prices.

PPC (pay per click) is a comprehensive course covering all that you need to know about Google Adwords and Facebook ads. Apart from this, the course also covers Google Analytics fundamentals and reports and makes you well aware of the process of setting up and running an A/B test.

About the course
The course consists of small, easy to understand and organized segments. It makes a person new to paid search advertising able to drive relevant traffic.
What you learn

  • Learning various keywords and making best use of them
  • Learning to increase your click – through – rate (CTR)
  • Learni9ng the Googleanalytics
  • Learning Facebook to drive sales
  • Setting up and using remarketing campaigns
  • Creating Ad Words campaigns and Facebook campaigns using scratch
  • Using paid marketing for your business at once.

Our institute provides flexible class timings as well as best placement for the students. As per course fee is concerned, we charge very affordable fee and offer good learning. Our faculty members are highly experienced and trained in teaching PPC techniques.


Course Detail

Duration : 1 Month

Fee : 6000Rs.

Google Adwords Basic

Understanding inorganic search results
Understanding adwords account structure
Understanding Campaigns, Adgroups, Ads, Keywords, etc
Types of Advertising campaigns- Search, Display, Shopping & video
Google Keyword planner
Understanding location targeting
Understanding Adwords Algorithm
How does adwords rank ads
What is quality score and How this Increase.
Why quality score is important
What is CTR and How this Increase.
Why CTR is important?
Understanding campaign level settings

Bidding strategy
Enhanced CPC
flexible bidding strategies

Google Adword Extensions
Understanding ad-extensions
Types of ad-extensions
Adding ad-extensions in our campaign

MCC Account
Creating of MCC Account
How to manage MCC Account
Tracking Ad Performance
Account & Landing page
Report Generation

What is remarketing?
Setting up remarketing campaign Creating Remarketing lists Advanced Level list creation Custom audience

Lead Generation For Business
What is landing pages and thank-you page
Landing page vs website
How to create landing page?
Types of landing pages
What is A/B testing?
How to do A/B testing
Selecting landing pages after A/B testing

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