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PHP Course


PHP is the most commonly used server-side scripting language. It is mainly used for web development. Besides this it is also used as a general-purpose programing language. PHP has the capability to run almost on all operating systems like Microsoft windows, Linux, Mac OS X, RISC OS and on Various UNIX variants. The most remarkable and profound feature of PHP is that it supports wide variety of databases. PHP code is found embedded into HTML code and can be used in amalgamation with web content management system, web template systems and web frameworks. Learning PHP interpreter is a crucial aspect for every aspiring application developer. Interpreter is implemented as module and is used to process PHP code. Some of the important text processing features of PHP are:

  • Perl compatible regular expression (PCRE).
  • Extension tools to parse and access XML document
  • PHP in combination with command-line interface execute standalone graphical application.

PHP enhances the appearance of website and is known for creating effective web pages.In this IT-driven world where almost every business or activity is based on computer, PHP has become a most favoured learning subject due to its ease of studying and its flexibility to be used on every framework. Not only the undergraduate students, but adult professionals are now keen to learn PHP for a better job prospect. PHP course are offered throughout India and we are one of the premier institutes for learning PHP in Delhi.WE provide all the necessary information regarding the working of PHP program.

As the leading PHP training institute in Delhi, IT & DC has developed a comprehensive curriculum for PHP course. This includes every module of PHP and MYSQL and live project to understand the application of the scripting language in real world. Our course is designed by professionals who understand the value of every module necessary to be a PHP.

Course Detail

Duration : 2Months

Fee : 12,000.

PHP& Mysql
About Server and php version
Download and installing php
Variable in php
if else statement / Switch statement
Form Tag
Mysql Database
Mysql Insert Query
Mysql Select Query
Mysql Delete Query
Mysql Update Query
Regular expression
Server side validation
Send mail
OOPS Basic Concepts
Class & Object
Constructor & Destructor
Database with OOPS
PHP Reference

Installing and configuring WordPress
PHP WordPress development environment
Work with Plugin, widgets
Theme Integration
Html Theme Convert Into Wordpress
More About WordPress plugins
Creating the plugin PHP file
Writing activation code
Writing an action
Writing a filter
Using template tags
Comparing widgets and plugins
Creating an admin interface
Integrating with the WordPress admin menus
WordPress admin dashboard API
Using jQuery and AJAX for posts and pages

Live Project
Live project depend on student choice like
project in wordpress
project in codeigniter project in Magento
project in Corephp

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