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Javascript Training


Javascript is a programming language that provides interactivity to you website or web application. JavaScript is surpassing many high-level languages and becoming a favored programming language for web developers. For creating excellent and fully functional web applications, this is one of the easiest and comprehensive language. For both front-end and back-end programming, JavaScript can be used efficiently.

JavaScript fits with all the technologies whether it is a website, e-learning, mobile UI, e-content publishing, gaming, and server-side programming, so one needs to learn it at advanced level.  Our JavaScript training institute provides the unique and an advanced JavaScript course. The JavaScript training in our institute is specially customized for website developers and UI developers who choose to do professional training in website script by the use of JavaScript’s procedurals and object-oriented approaches. Our experts offer training at Delhi location that is fully equipped with the lab facility and mind-blowing infrastructure. We also provide a certificate for training and guidance in JavaScript in our institute. 
Or JavaScript trainers begin with the basics of the programming language and then go to the advanced level training. Following are the concepts that we teach to our trainees:

  • Where to use JavaScript?
  • Purpose of using JavaScript
  • Building a JavaScript program using HTML programming
  • Reviewing the HTML by text layout and Formatting, hyperlinks, tables, forms, and frames.
  • The basic syntax in JavaScript
  • Variable use, assigning values to the variables
  • Concatenation
  • Functions of JavaScript is creating and calling the functions, sending parameters, receiving parameters out of functions, and event calling of the functions.
  • We teach flow control – if structure, if-else structure, for loop, while loop, and for-in structure.
  • Operators like logical and urinary

Along with the aforementioned concepts, we also arrange project training for the students so that they learn real-time use of JavaScript.

Course Detail 

Duration : 1 Months

Fee : 3000Rs.

About Javascript and version
Variable in Javascript
Javascript operator
if else statement / Switch statement
Error Handling
Event Handling
Javascript Objects
Window Object
Document Object
Date Object
String Object
Math Object
Array Object
Custom Object

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