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Dynamic Website


The Ever Changing Dynamic Website

The main specialty of a dynamic web site is that it changes every time its content is viewed. This page may change with changing time of the day. The page of a Dynamic Website change even when a user clicks on any image or content in the web site then also the website changes.

How to create a dynamic website:

The dynamic website can be created by two methods:

  1. Client – side scripting: Changes in the position of the mouse, or by typing in the keyboard can create a dynamic website. This type of content is generated in the computer of the user rather than the web content. In this, the web browser downloads the contents of the web page from the host server and processes the codes embedded in the web page. Then the updated contents are shown to the user. The text languages used in this type of script is JavaScript, Flash, etc.
  2. Server-sidescripting: These web pages change their content whenever the web page is loaded. The meaning of the content from a server side is that content which is generated when the content of the web pages is loaded. The text languages used is PHP, ColdFusion, Perl, ASP, JSP, ASP.NET, etc.

The common examples of a Dynamic Websiteare the networking sites, login pages, submission forms, shopping carts, forums, etc.

1-5 Pages
2 Demo Template
Domain & Hosting Required
Content & Logo Required
Email Support

1-10 Pages
3 Demo Template
Domain & Hosting Provided
Content & Logo Required
Email Support

1-15 Pages
3 Demo Template
Domain & Hosting Provided
Content & Logo Required
Email/Phone Support

Note : 1 Year Free Maintenance provided

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