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Digital Marketing


The world where we live has become progressively digital focused and is growing at a fast pace. Digital marketing is becoming one of the promising way to promote business more effectively and efficiently. It involves the use of digital technologies to promote brands, engage customers, build preferences and increase sales. Digital marketing services include search engine optimization (SEO), influencer marketing, search engine marketing, content automation, social media optimization (SMO), e-commerce marketing etc. Affordable SMO services in India are provided for beginners. Digital marketing bridges the gap between customer and prospect. It comes with a number of advantages as follows:

  • Quick planning and execution
  • Allow easy sharing of content
  • Promotes brand
  • Increase sales
  • Reduce cost
  • Time saving

Digital marketing differs from industrial or traditional media in terms of quality, permanence and reach. SEO is an important element of Digital marketing strategy. It helps in increasing target audience and adds credibility to the business. Digital marketing is becoming prevalent in terms of enhancing business. Life without digital marketing is difficult. It is a hassle free method of marketing and provides a platform for all marketing issues. 

Keeping the importance of digital marketing in mind, IT&DC is has designed a digital marketing course that not only offers the theoretical knowledge about the concepts, but also provides live training on projects. With SEO and SMO training, a digital marketing expert has the ability to take any business website to the top of the leading search engines. 

Some companies appoint digital marketers on their payroll while many companies hire the services of digital marketers on contractual basis. However, in any case, a digital marketing expert plays an important role in the promotion of a business online.

The course offered by IT&DC quite reasonably priced and has short duration, which anyone from a student to a full time professional can join.

Course Detail 

Duration : 4 Month

Fee : 25000Rs.

About Digital Marketing

Understanding traditional Marketing and digital marketing
Inbound Marketing and Outbound Marketing
Process of Digital Marketing
Understanding Lead Generation
Understanding Online Income
Understanding Digital Marketing tools

Email Marketing

About email marketing
Types of email marketing
Email marketing server
How email works?
Email marketing software
Setting up email marketing account
Setting up lists & web form
Email Data Extraction & Collection
What are auto responders?
Setting up auto responders
How to do bulk emailing?
Report Generation

SEO - Search Engine Optimization

About SEO
Type of SEO Techniques
About Keywords
Keyword Research Techniques
Google Insights
Google Trends
Page Rank
On Page Optimization
how to change on Dynamic website and static website
Title, Meta keyword, Meta Description
Keyword Density
Content Optimization
Integration of Social Plug-ins
Image tag and link tag optimization
Google Webmaster tools
Google Analytics
Google Panda
Google Penguin
Google Hummingbird
Off Page Optimization
Link Building
Types of Link Building
Do Follow & Nofollow Link Building
Google Off Page Ranking Algorithm
Quality VS Quantity Linking
Directory Submission
Social Bookmarking
Article Submission
Press Release
Blog Submission
Forum Postings
Image Submission
Yahoo Answering
Classified Submissions
Seo Report
Seo Software

SMO - Social Media Marketing

What is social media?
About Facebook
Creating Profiles on Facebook
Creating Page
Manage Group
Facebook Advertisement
Adding facebook plugins in website
Facebook Marketing Plugins
About Linkedin
Creating Profiles on Linkedin
Creating Company Profiles
Understanding Linkedin groups
Linked Advertisement
Linked Marketing Plugins
Creating profile on Googleplus
Post and Share link
Benefits of +1
Creating Profiles on Twitter
About Follow and Follower
Tools for twitter marketing
About pinterest
Pinterest step up
Creating pin and boards
How to advertisement on pinterest

PPC - Google Adwords

Understanding inorganic search results
Understanding adwords account structure
Understanding Campaigns, Adgroups, Ads, Keywords, etc
Types of Advertising campaigns- Search, Display, Shopping & video
Google Keyword planner
Understanding location targeting
Understanding Adwords Algorithm
How does adwords rank ads
What is quality score and How this Increase.
Why quality score is important
What is CTR and How this Increase.
Why CTR is important?
Creating of MCC Account
How to manage MCC Account
Tracking Ad Performance
Account & Landing page
Report Generation

Lead Generation For Business

Understanding lead generation
How to create landing pages
Understanding thank-you page
Landing page vs website
Types of landing pages
About A/B testing?
Generate leads

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